3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours

A 3D Virtual Tour may also be referred to a virtual walkthrough or a digital twin because when you are immersed in this type of tour, it looks and feels as if you are actually at the property and you are walking through it. The experience can even be made to feel more real if a virtual reality headset is put on. These types of tours are the wave of the future and are currently the most realistic way to gain access to a property, to see and feel it’s layout, without actually traveling to the property.

3D virtual tours are made possible by taking many 360 degree panoramic photos of a space using highly specialized cameras that use multiple lenses. These images are then uploaded to special software where the images are “stitched” together and the tour is given life.

3D Virtual tours differ from 360 virtual tours in that a 360 tour is a collection of 360 panaromas and are shown more like a slide show. When you move from one area to the next, there is a noticeable “transition” between the images so it plays like a slideshow. A 3D virtual tour is more fluid and much smoother to where you don’t even notice the transition at all and that is due to the 3D navigation which also enhances the depth of the space.

At 3D Virtual Tours NY we are experts in this field and stay on top of the latest technologies in this ever-changing landscape. Rest assured that if you choose us to do your 3D virtual Tour you will be working with the very best in the business.

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